Silk Pro Ionic Styling Brush
Silk Pro Ionic Styling Brush
Silk Pro Ionic Styling Brush
Silk Pro Ionic Styling Brush
Silk Pro Ionic Styling Brush
Silk Pro Ionic Styling Brush

Silk Pro Ionic Styling Brush

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Is your hair difficult to manage, frizzy and dry? Are you suffering with split ends and brittle hair?

Washing, brushing and rubbing your hair dry with towels can slowly strip away the negative ions from your hair which in turn will start looking dull and loose it's elasticity. 

This revolutionary electric hair brush activates negative ions and emits them back into your hair to restore the balance of ions. Your hair will be shiny, smooth, frizz-free, and manageable. YAY!

The brush is conveniently powered with AAA batteries, making it perfect for your every day use and travel! Bring your shine on!


  • GENERATES IONS: The double Ionic generator releases negative ions which will help straighten your hair, reduce split ends and knotting while giving your hair a smooth, silky, natural look.
  • VIBRATE AND MASSAGE: Turn on the vibration and enjoy a gentle massage which will stimulate healthy blood circulation in your scalp and aid in healthier, strong hair. 
  • ROUND END TIP AND CUSHIONED BRUSH: The round end tips prevent  damage to your sensitive scalp and the cushioned brush allows the brush to gently follow the shape of your head.
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT: The brush is compact and lightweight - a perfect companion no matter where you go. It is battery powered and can be use anytime and anywhere. 
  • EASY TO USE: Simply turn on the switch and you are ready to comb and bring on the shine. Negative ions will be actively released from the brush. Softly brush your hair from scalp to the ends until you've reached the desired shine and softness. After use turn off the switch to save your battery power.
  • HEALTHIER HAIR: Every time you comb your hair, it will experience 12 million/cm3 anion curing. It's antistatic and will eliminate frizz and lock in moisture. There is no easier way to help your hair regain it's strength and beautiful, healthy shine!
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